Thursday 17 January 2013

VIMES - UpStairs

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It takes all of ten seconds to see just why this duo from Cologne were picked by Hot Chip as tour support. Both bands mix dance music with pop. You couldn't get them mixed up though, but they share certain ideals. This debut single from VIMES is definitely ready for the floor (pun intended) but at the same time is a massive pop song that should be a staple of even daytime radio (that aimed at younger listeners such as Radio 1 at least). It works on both those levels, but if your bag is more indie/guitar/rock sounds then it's still worth popping this track on.

It may have a clubby beat and a pop melody but it's a big tune too, and one that almost feels designed to have as wide an appeal as possible, although it should be noted that this is done without diluting any of its component parts or sitting on any fences or in the middle of the road. It's simply a universally good tune. You could even go as far as to say that they've beaten Hot Chip at their own game with this one. The next few months should tell us whether they've got more where this came from, and if so, you'd better get used to the name.

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