Monday 14 January 2013

Chartburst! - Artists & Fans: Your Help Is Needed!

A potentially exciting new way to help shape the future of the music industry is being launched today and we have a special offer for readers of The Sound Of Confusion!

Today marks the launch of Chartburst beta, a brand new service that connects unsigned musicians with major record labels for deal consideration and feedback. Unsigned artists upload their music and submit it to one of ten genre based charts, they then promote their chart submission to friends/fans to garner votes and if their submission reaches the top five it will be forwarded to A&R (talent scouts) at labels like Sony Music, Warner Bros, Columbia Records, Universal Music and many more!

 It's free for musicians to setup an account and free for music fans to vote for their favourite tracks, interact with artists and save playlists. By voting for tracks, music fans are helping shape the future of music as their vote could help put their favourite unsigned artist in front of top labels!

The beta launch will be a partially private launch and musicians will need an invite code to setup a free account. The Sound of Confusion readers have been offered 200 exclusive musician's invites to the site and the code to use to gain access on launch day is: SOCBEARLYBIRD
Music fans are free to create an account from day one without the need of a code. So, if you're an unsigned musician or a serious music lover, get over to today to redeem your code before they're all used, and see what all the hype is about!

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