Monday 21 January 2013

Plaided - Playdate

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Ugh. Album sleeves with cats on are sooo last year. Ignore our faux pretense though, this all-girl trio from Vienna actually released this album last June anyway, it's just taken a bit of time to filter through to our ears. Part of the reason for a UK push now (although others in this country have beaten us to featuring Plaided already) is because on February 8th they play at London's Seabright Arms along with Smallgang and FU (Former Utopia), which has the makings of a good night out. They've already covered mainland Europe and the US with gigs last year but (we think) this will be their first UK date.

What would you expect from a band called Plaided? That name sounds a bit grungy to us, all plaid shirts and trucker caps. That's not too far from the truth, this rough guitar sound could easily have been created in that era, but we somehow doubt that's their band uniform. This isn't gravelly-voiced, serious punk rock; this is lo-fi punk played with high levels of enthusiasm and a bit of a disregard for being note perfect and gleaming with polish. We mentioned the word grunge, so you've probably already thought of Kurt Cobain; we can only guess obviously, but we think he would have approved of this passionate indie-punk-pop approach.

'Playdate' is an album that mixes this spirited approach to creating rough and ragged guitar tunes with more pop tracks, and by pop we purely mean melodic. Noise-pop is the name of the game here, and most of the album, from opening track 'We Don't Bite', the chainsaw guitar of 'Boundary' and the shouty punk of 'Hold On Tight' or 'My Heart Is On Desire', this is what they do splendidly. If you're in the hunt for something a bit more accessible then let us point you towards ace tracks like 'It Is Over Toni', 'Buried In A Stupid Thought', 'Freaks And Geeks' and 'So What'. 'Playdate' is a solid album and it's a brilliant to hear people playing music like they absolutely love it and celebrating in the joy of creating a rather splendid racket.

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