Friday 25 January 2013

Wildlife - Born To Ruin

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OK, soppy story behind this one, so brace yourselves. 'Born To Ruin' is an ode to the human heart; a love letter to the vital organ and not only the way it powers our body and is our life force, but also how it hurts and how it helps us. Wildlife say that they've put their own hearts into this song with all the violence and romance they could muster. They hope it will resonate with our own hearts on some level. So a bold statement then, and one that some may find a little cringeworthy. Fear not though, they do muster up some force here with the aid of producer Peter Katis who's previously worked with The National and Interpol.

Opening with thundering, rolling drums that themselves sound like the beating force that supplies the energy to bring this song to life, along with lyrics about stakes through the heart, the guitar joins it and is pretty immense. You can forget a lead vocal, they decide against that in favour of what sounds like the whole band singing in unison; it certainly adds to the passion and power and makes this a quite massive sounding hunk of alt-rock. With such an honesty about the idea of the song and the soul-baring lyrics it needed to be the kind of track that's capable of knocking your socks off, so it's mission accomplished for Wildlife then.

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