Friday 25 January 2013

Streak and the Raven- The Riverside

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In the lead-up to the release of album 'Love & War' which will be out through Finnish label Lionheart Records on February 22nd, Streak and the Raven have given us another single, the follow-up to the fab 'Speed Of Light'. Some may call their style minimalist synth-pop, others may liken them to some new-wave groups. The band themselves? Well they've gone for "desperate night-time AOR". It's not the only time AOR has been mentioned as a compliment lately, so maybe it's being given a good old reevaluation by the hipsters and will become the genre of choice. We're blaming the return of Fleetwood Mac who, after years of derision, are suddenly pretty much as good as The Beatles apparently (they're not by the way).

We'll ignore the fact that it takes quite a stretch of the imagination to call this tune AOR anyway, and just concentrate on whether it's any good. Yes it is. There, that was easy. If we need to back that up with some reasoning then we'd have to say that the minimal, retro beats that they've borrowed from 1982 sound just great with such an emotionless vocal over the top, and there's the unusual step of adding some whistling which actually helps lighten the tone without confusing it. Plus the guitar breaks take it up to a whole new level. AOR? No. Quality vintage electro-pop? Yes, and we're ready for more whenever they are,.

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