Friday 25 January 2013

Band To Check Out: The Willpower

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London isn't short on indie-type bands, nor is it short on pretentious arseholes. Sadly, it's very common for the two things to go hand in hand. And nobody wants an arsehole in their hand. Despite the fact that London quintet The Willpower mention that they'd like to be the voice of their generation (that most pretentious of statements) you can instantly tell that they mean it in a completely different way to your average egotistical band/singer. The Willpower seem 100% honest in every way, there is no pretense in their music and they're not attacking us with needless bravado. They simply want to write decent tunes that resonate with people, they want their music to mean something; to have the effect on their fans that the music they're inspired by has had on them.

It's an early stage in their career so far, so just how far they'll get remains to be seen, but this genuine and honest approach is a breath of fresh air into the stagnant London indie scene. They've done away with arrogance in favour of trying to put down a decent set of tunes, have some fun and pick up some friends on the way. All ingredients that can lead to a cult status, which can then be just a hit single away from becoming a band of note. There's nothing concrete yet, but the plan is for 'Take Me Out' to be the first track of several released across the year. It's energetic, it's fun and it's catchy; it will get people interested. They have better in store though, with 'WillPower (RIP)' being one of the best of the bunch. Definitely watch this space.

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