Wednesday 23 January 2013

Du Tonc - Darkness

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Besides its similarity to the legendary French singer Jaques Dutronc, (a tribute maybe? difficult to tell from this track if they're fans) the name Du Tonc will be a new one unless you've been following developments in the world of electro-pop and underground music. 'Darkness' marks the duo's first release, well under this name at least, because we're looking at something of a supergroup, or superduo, here. Du Tonc are made up of Mighty Mouse and Matt Van Scie who's known for his sterling work with Van She (if you're unfamiliar then check out 'Cat & The Eye', it's awesome). Mighty Mouse will likely be known most for his highly sought after remix skills, the list reads like a musical who's who: Madonna, Gorillaz, Gil Scott Heron, Prince, Kate Bush...

Here we get to find out for the first time whether this pair can create any magic when combining forces, and the answer is yes. 'Darkness' isn't brain-bustingly original or earth-shatteringly monumental; what it is is one of the best pieces of modern disco we've heard for a while. Combining the best of both artist's previous output, wah-wah guitars and other live instruments battle for space with the more electronic sounds, themselves giving a nod to Giorgio Moroder. It's four-to-the-floor stuff with a strong tune holding it together and a fine vocal from Van Scie. 'Darkness' might just be the introduction single, but you wouldn't bet against the album going down a storm.

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