Sunday 27 January 2013

Constant Supply - Capo

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The lead-up to putting out your debut album must be an exciting time for any band, unless they know they've made a stinker and caved into record company pressure for material of course. We're sure this isn't the case with County Donegal pair Constant Supply, a band who impressed us with the single 'Crystal' late last year. Like that song, the album, 'The Coast Ain't Clear' was produced by Villagers man Tommy McLaughlin, and although we previously mentioned that 'Crystal' was the first track from these sessions, we're not completely sure if it's made the final cut or not. Whatever the plans, it's 'Capo' that's being put forward as the record's first single.

What a choice it is. 'Crystal' was good for sure, but 'Capo' is indie-rock that takes them to the next level, not by producing masses of individuality or originality,but by that most important of all factors; by being a properly good song. It's more upbeat than its predecessor which will no doubt help with capturing the attention of people who may just catch it on some radio show somewhere one time, or maybe stumble upon a stream on an internet blog on their web-surfing voyages. There's a good attention to detail here too, so that helps with depth and will ensure that it's not one to enjoy for a couple of spins and disregard. We must say our hopes for the album have increased somewhat.

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'Capo' will be released through the usual outlets on March 4th

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