Thursday 24 January 2013

We Take Polaroids - You Are Brutal EP

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Rising, phoenix like, from the remains of art-disco group Burn The Negative, frontman Mark Baker returns under the similarly obsolete photography referencing name of We Take Polaroids, 'You Are Brutal' being his first release under this new guise. Polaroids may be the reserve of those with a passion for kitsch irony (probably the same people who buy new music on cassettes) but the tunes on this EP are bang up to date, but just as digital photography recreates images that are much the same as those produced by traditional methods, this EP is also a mix of the old and the new.

The title-track is cutting, slightly abrasive disco-house with one eye on more standard songs. It would be pushing it to call it pop though, a harsher electronic feel is created instead. It's 'Loves Young Love' that will catch the attention of those looking for something a little easier on the ear, and they'll find a fine pop song there indeed. 'You Are Brutal' gets a full-on remix from DJ Paulette & Benjamin Franklin which will satisfy the dance heads amongst you. The cool thing with this EP is that it contains something for everyone, and final track 'Mawash Geri' is a piano-led ambient piece that doesn't forgo the tune in favour of the atmosphere. A real box of delights. Take your pick.

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