Saturday 19 January 2013

The Stillwalkers - Everytune EP

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Just the other day we mentioned that in the US, Portland, Oregon must have more good bands per head of population than anywhere bar Brooklyn. Well unless we've been very fortunate in hearing every single good band the southern Finnish city of Turku has to offer, then those two had better watch out at this little hotbed of activity is right behind them. Our latest addition to the growing list of top bands from the Baltic port is The Stillwalkers who formed in 2010 and have just released their debut EP 'Everytune' through the small independent label Ressorection Records and are currently recording their debut album, one which, if you like 90s guitar bands could be right up your street.

The six songs here are melodic indie tracks with plenty of melody and a handy knack of mixing the best that the UK and US had to offer. We're talking pre-Britpop for the most part. You can hear Teenage Fanclub, The Boo Radleys (before they went rubbish), and they would have fitted in nicely to the 4AD roster of the best of the American underground. Picking apart the songs and describing individual tracks is somewhat futile as they're essentially all the same make and model, but that's no bad thing. They have a winning formula. If we have to pick two tunes to get you started then try 'The Runaway' or 'Everything Stays The Same'.

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