Wednesday 30 January 2013

Five For Free #152

Four Phonica - Divine

It's that mysterious pull of Berlin again. This time luring people to the west rather than to the east. Four Phonica are made up of members from two successful Ukrainian acts (Sexinspace and Marakesh) who've joined forces for this new project. 'Divine' is a fitting name for this single, it's simply superb and emotion-packed industrial electro-pop. Very very good.

Four Phonica's website

Brøthers - We Are Pushing On

No, nothing to do with the failed Britpop revivalists, this Brøthers are a new band who aren't very keen on giving any information away. They say they've played in other bands before, they say they will have an album out this year and we think 'We Are Pushing On' is their debut single. We're still in electro-pop territory here, but this enigmatic track is of a much sunnier disposition.

Brøthers' website

Warmly - Monster

We have to confess we're not familiar with the work of the band Code Pie, but some of their members have recently begun a new musical venture under the name of Warmly and have just put out their debut three-track EP as a free download. It's mighty fine so you should hit the link below and get the lot, starting with the beautiful, experimental dreampop of 'Monster' which is a little stunner.

Stream or download the EP

Love and Radiation - Three Kingdoms 

'Three Kingdoms' is the second single to be released from the upcoming album by Chicago indie/synth experimentalists Love and Radiation and follows on from the ace 'Ganymede'. This one could be even better, pushing the tempo up and mixing in some 80s vibes yet sounding resolutely modern. Yeah it's only two tracks so far, but if they have more of the same the album could be a blinder.

Download 'Three Kingdoms' for free by heading here

Love and Radiation's website

The Eggs - Disintegrate

Brooklyn band The Eggs have just put out a very impressive EP which is freely available to download (check the link below). It was a tough call as their brand of string-laden indie/prog is quite distinctive and shows a band creating music that's seemingly free from outside expectations. In the end we decided upon the superb 'Disintegrate' which sums them up perfectly.

The Eggs' website

Stream or download the EP

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