Saturday 19 January 2013

Mount Moriah - Plane

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Somewhat presumptuously, Merge Records tell us that Mount Moriah will release their breakthrough second album 'Miracle Temple' on March 18th. Surely whether or not this is their "breakthrough" remains to be seen, but it will be their first album for the label and early signs are good. The North Carolina trio have recently released the single 'Plane' from their previous album and the video, although low on pyrotechnics and special effects, is curiously moving, almost haunting in its stark simplicity and thousand-yard stares.

You could describe 'Plane' as alt-country or Americana if you wanted, however it's probably closer in spirit to indie-rock, although Neil Young's spirit hovers over the guitar work and general feel of the song - which bracket you include him in depends on which era and even which record, but we're looking at early 1970s with this one. The spacious feel of the song reflects the lyrics and their talk of ridges and the expanses of the North American continent. Hardly a breakthrough chart hit just yet, but sure to win over the critics at least.

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