Saturday 26 January 2013

Hoboken Division- Hoboken Division EP

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Delta-blues garage from France anyone? Nancy might not have been home to those legendary blues pioneers but thankfully the world of music spreads far and wide. Any genre can be made anywhere in the world, and this has to be a good thing, giving all the great talent out there the ability to make the sounds in their head come to life. Hoboken Division are a duo who've just released their first EP and are currently working towards a debut album having toured across Europe. The recording is DIY too, and you know what? If someone had told us this was a new band from the US deep south we'd have no reason to think they were lying. 'Hoboken Division' doesn't sound like the first homemade offering from a duo. It sounds like a fully-fledged band happily in their stride.

It's 'Sugardaddy' that kicks things off, coming over like a better (yes really) version of The Dead Weather with some dirty riffing and a driving beat, it's packed with genuine blues power. It's as much modern alt-rock as blues, but then most of today's "blues" bands are. 'Out Of Business' lashes a harmonica on to the unstoppable, surging guitar before the pace is briefly put on hold for the actually-quite-bluesy 'Radar On', a song with as much in the way of guts as pretty much anyone else in this genre. They finish with the Led Zeppelin-influenced 'Happier Than You' which again contains some sterling guitar work and that husky, slightly distorted vocal. An album's worth of these will be just great. Hoboken Division mean business.

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