Tuesday 22 January 2013

Trim The Barber - Mindblank

Single review by kev@thesoundofconfusion.co.uk

First off, a bit of an introduction for those who missed Trim The Barber's debut EP last year. This quartet from London have taken the lead from the new wave of psychedelic bands currently making inroads into the mainstream and pushed the sound into a more post-punk and shoegaze direction, perhaps preventing their music from falling into the same old comparison traps. They've done this without obscurity or being abstract; they've done this by writing quality tunes, and tunes that have the potential to make similar inroads. They're left-field for sure, but as guitar music swings more towards that direction the sound they make could be perfect to bridge the gap between fans of more unsung music and those beginning to investigate further behind the door opened by Tame Impala, The Horrors and so on.

Follow-up single 'Mindblank' might arrive a little too early into their career to break them in any big way, but it puts down a marker; it writes their name on the musical map and it will turn a few more heads and pick up more exposure than the debut. So if they have strong enough material in reserve we could be looking at Trim The Barber being a much better known name by the end of the year. With this kind of thing word-of-mouth is likely to play a big part. The song itself is definitely strong; you can pick some 60s psych heroes, add your favourite post-punk band, give a quick mention to the noisier end of shoegaze and then mention the modern wave of sonic adventurers to describe the sound, but it's best to just listen to it, you'll spot the potential. Oh, and check out the face-melting video too.

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