Thursday 31 January 2013

We Three And The Death Rattle - Inpatients

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Destined to be forever written in press as WTATDR, Leicester band We Three And The Death Rattle are appropriately named, especially as there are three of them and the form of punk rock that they make does have the dark shake of a death rattle to it, and we don't even know what a death rattle is. But put it this way, along with the sharp riff and clattering drums, as soon as new single 'Inpatients' gets to the chorus there is some kind of mysterious shimmying sound. We can only assume this is what they mean. This isn't spit and fury punk, WTATDR are a little classier than that.

To our delight they're also a bit less routine than initial impressions may suggest. Sure this is a basic punk track from the start, albeit a very good one, but just keep an ear on the song as it progresses. Effects come and go, none of them shouting "look at us being all innovative!", it's all done quietly in the background, giving that extra boost to the song without bragging about it. Towards the end we almost end up with psychedelic punk and it sounds great, like a female-fronted MC5 if they stripped the metal aspect away and concentrated on the garage side of things. Nicely done.

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