Thursday 24 January 2013

Lou Doillon - EP

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The surname may not be familiar, at least in the UK, but the family ties most certainly are. French singer Lou Doillon not only shares the surname of her famous father, film director Jaques Doillon, but has had her own successful career as an actress. She also made a name for herself as a model, and now is plotting her debut album for release in April, preceded by 'EP' on February 25th. Modelling and music are often something that actresses turn their hand to, usually with, shall we say, mixed results. For Lou Doillon it's in her genes. More famous than her father is her mother, Jane Birkin, which of course makes Lou the half sister to Charlotte Gainsbourg. Music, movies, modelling; it's all in the blood.

We can't take this for granted though, and if Doillon wants to be taken seriously in this branch of the arts then the material has to be up to scratch. We'd have to say that 'EP' is a good way to start and proof that she might just have what it takes. Beginning with single 'I.C.U', a maudlin tale of despair ("I wake up some mornings, thank God not as often as I used to"), her voice is strong rather than stunning and the song is confident and well written rather than mind-blowing, but that can hardly be something to complain about. The horn-laden 'Bright Moments Remix' offers an excellent alternative take. More uptempo and equally as confident and mature is 'Devil Or Angel'. 'Defiant' is just that, and as the EP progresses that voice begins to sound richer and more unique. A successful career change could well be on the cards.

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