Saturday 19 January 2013

Gouton Rouge/Apash Twenty Twelve - Everest

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"Hitchcock punk". Now there's a new genre name. Lord knows what it means; punk based around horror films? Or is the Hitchcock they mean someone other than Alfred? The music made by Gouton Rouge offers no clues, not least because we don't understand what they're singing about (our Italian isn't too hot) and also because there's little terror found in these songs. The punk bit fits, especially on 'Wessels', although it's a more complex modern version, incorporating sounds from many independent guitar bands that have existed since. They even have a song called 'Josef K' and throughout their three tracks here are happy to play around with tempos and structures. This lot are definitely worth some ear time.

Sharing this split EP entitled 'Everest' is fellow Italian Apash Twenty Twelve who also contributes a trio of songs which offer a contrast without being too much of a departure for the pairing not to make sense. These songs are sung in English and the work of a singer-songwriter who prefers the atmosphere that traditionally written songs gain from being played with an electric guitar as opposed to an acoustic. The ragged 'Beautiful' shows this technique wonderfully. 'Wish' takes this formula and adds an element of sadness, again this just wouldn't be the same on a standard acoustic. Quite why many others don't employ a similar technique is a bit baffling, but it's difficult to argue against any of the songs on this EP, particularly the experimental techniques used on 'I'm Flying'.

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