Monday 14 January 2013

PSALMS - Low Plane

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You may well have spotted that it's been a fair while since we did our last piece on Norwich art-punk band Fever Fever, but unless you've been keeping up with developments in their camp you may not know the reason why. If that's the case then it's our sad duty to bring you the news that they've since decided to call it a day. To roll out some cliches, all good things must come to an end and nothing lasts forever, but fear not, because every cloud has a silver lining. In true phoenix fashion (although not very much like the actual band Phoenix) there has risen another promising group from the ashes of that band.

This new lot, who have leapt unhesitatingly onto the craze for spelling your band name entirely in capital letters are PSALMS. We don't know the exact reasons behind Fever Fever's split, but they're all friends and lived happily ever after, so maybe it was that old chestnut of "musical differences". So we hope that no such differences befall PSALMS and that they're all singing from the same hymn sheet (couldn't resist, apologies). Their debut track 'Low Plane' promises very good things, being a moody and commanding indie-rock number with plenty of zeal and the confidence of people who've been here before and are aiming even higher this time around.

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January 23rd - Waterfront in Norwich with THE JOY FORMIDABLE Tickets

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