Wednesday 23 January 2013

Jason Blum - I Know Evil

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Growing up on punk and new-wave, there was always going to be a bit of an edge to Jason Blum's music. Having lived in various locations across the US (currently in Texas) and even spending time in Lebanon, there was always likely to be a diversity too. His album 'Radio Dial' is due out at the end of March and new single 'I Know Evil' does pick a few different influences. You'd have to call it garage-rock but there are also punk, country and even Mexican elements blended in there which gives the song a bit more of an exotic taste. You could also say that, while certainly not a comedy record by any means, there is a hint of a tongue in a cheek somewhere along the line.

This is possibly best exemplified by the video. It is a kind of spooky song as the title suggests. Cue skull and crossbones, graffiti about death and a woman dressed in black dancing slightly erotically in a graveyard. All this takes place while Jason Blum looks on like some kind of psychobilly/garage Har Mar Superstar, himself dressed in black and with a suitably impressive moustache. If it's beginning to sound like the cliche/novelty factor is a bit high for this to be taken seriously then think again. 'I Know Evil' perfectly suits the imagery that comes with it and is a damn fine piece of garage-rock.

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