Sunday 20 January 2013

Leo Leoson - The Contemporary Dancer

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Swedish record label TEN have been on a good run this past couple of years, bringing us the experimental pop of Niki & The Dove, Elliphant and Icona Pop (who've just won a ton of radio awards back home) and now they bring us the new talent of Leo Leoson, a singer-songwriter who will be releasing his debut EP on the label soon. Prior to that he's putting out this independent first single, maybe as a way of testing the water and getting his name out there. It's an accomplished track too, and one which breaks away slightly from the electronic pop sounds of the aforementioned artists.

'The Contemporary Dancer' may have began life as an acoustic track but has since been twisted, added to and made far more interesting than most in the singer-songwriter category. Leo Leoson doesn't appear to be afraid of trialing new approaches to his music, in this instance with the help of the band Kate Boy. This song takes in dubby beats, gentle electronic pulses and different effects are used to contort the song a touch, but not enough to divert from the original idea. This is enhancement rather than needless messing, it'll be interesting to hear his first proper release soon.

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