Saturday 19 January 2013

Band To Check Out: Little Brain Attack

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Is there an underground psych-rock scene kicking off in Paris that we're only just learning about? There could well be. Within days of hearing the awesome fuzz-rock of Future we get sent this set of demo tracks by French quartet Little Brain Attack. Again it takes just seconds to realise where these guys are coming from and what music they listen to. The messy hair, the leather jackets, the shades, the distortion; Black Rebel Motorcycle club are a clear inspiration, and one the band freely admit to. They also mention Spacemen 3 , The Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Black Angels. It all makes sense.

Currently they have four demo recordings available for free download on their Bandcamp page. The sound is incredibly close to that of BRMC but the tunes are good. Layers of guitar, pounding drums and muffled vocals all shrouded in the smog of distortion. 'Something More' is a bluesy track with a riff that could have graced a Led Zeppelin album; 'The Call Of Life' and 'Run' are both derivative, but that's kind of the idea. Little Brain Attack have mastered this form of scuzz-rock already, now it would be good to see them stretch their barriers a bit further and delve into the kinds of unexplored realms Spacemen 3 set their sights on.

Little Brain Attack's website

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