Sunday 20 January 2013

The Fades - Eight Times A Day

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Eight days a week was enough for The Beatles, but London garage-punks The Fades have gone one better; they want it 'Eight Times A Day'. What is "it" I hear you ask? Well look at the cover, make a note of the release date (Valentine's day) and take a guess (or maybe a stab in the dark?!). Yes you've guessed it, like many garage bands, love plays an important part in the lyrics to their songs and these guys are no exception. This track is taken from their album 'Ragnarok' but comes as a double A-side single with new track 'Free Little Pill' so those who have the album already will be getting a little extra value for your money.

'Eight Times A Day' isn't particularly subtle in its lyrics and the music is similarly simple, but that's what the spirit of punk is all about. You probably won't find a new favourite song here, although as a guitar-friendly way of passing a couple of minutes you can do a lot worse. Yes it's derivative, yes it's a little crude, yes it's fairly basic and yes all of those things are the point and nothing else is claimed or attempted. So quit your chin-stroking and enjoy.

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