Wednesday 16 January 2013

Widowspeak - Thick As Thieves

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With new second album 'Almanac' now just a couple of weeks away from release, US duo Widowspeak drop the third track taken from the album, and the follow-up to the superb 'The Dark Ages' which we featured previously. Where that track used a moody, driving guitar to whip up its magic, followed by a more intense ending that suggested they were aiming for the same kind of alt-rock platform where all of Uncut's favourite rock acts stand proud, this new one works its wizardry is less obvious ways.

For starters the pace has been taken right back; it has the air of an old English folk song to its beginning, a cunning move to make those soft and delicate vocals stand out that bit more. 'Thick As Thieves' really does sound as much a product of the British Isles than America and its haunting drone may appeal to fans of Mazzy Star or The Cocteau Twins, especially if you like the odd bit of classy singer-songwriter type musings too. Widowspeak have already shown us that 'Almanac' will be anything but one-dimensional.

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