Thursday 24 January 2013

Wildarms - Clear Eyes EP

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I wonder if it's safe to ask how and why Duncan Cooper got the name Wildarms? You wouldn't exactly describe the tunes on his debut EP as being particularly wild, they are very good though. The intro to opening track and first single 'Full Hearts' shimmers and twinkles like a forest full of wind chimes. It's like sunshine in musical form and comes with a sprinkling of magic dust and even the chirping of birds. Forget hippy notions though, for this isn't some new-age meditation soundtrack; Wildarms is casually surfing along on the current wave of chill in his own unique way.

Things become fuzzy-headed and hectic with the crowd chatter of 'Love Is Just True', but the music in the background pins it down and stops it from becoming overbearing. You can still relax and soak it all in. New single 'Acceptance' employs exotic beats and more glistening effects that make for an incredibly light listening experience. That's light as in floaty and warm, not watered down or weak, although the bigger beats that come along later give it some guts. You should now be familiar with the retro charms of ace free track 'Unity', which just leaves the surreal 'Twice' to drift away into the distance. A healthy dose of musical vitamin D for the winter.

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