Sunday 27 January 2013

Angelica's Elegy - Fuse and a Spark

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The practice of overlapping genres is perhaps more prevalent now than ever before. This is undoubtedly due to having a stream of almost any song of any genre from any era and any place in the world at the click of a mouse button or the tap of a finger on a tablet. As we've mentioned before the whole concept of genres is now less like the seven colours of a rainbow and more like the paint colour sample catalogue you'd find at a DIY store. There are millions of different degrees and fusions. Norwegians Angelica's Elegy use several of these shades of sound to come up with their own musical colours. Maybe having the word "fuse" in the title was a subconscious way of showing this.

If you want a quick run through then let's call this dreampop, but with added power. Not quite rock, not quite pop, not quite shoegaze, not quite indie, but somewhere in between. Naturally having a song that spans such a wide range of scenes can work two ways; isolating fans of each by not quite fitting their agenda; or engulfing the lot and capturing them under a wide-ranging spell. This is down to the quality of the song and little else. Having given 'Fuse and a Spark' several plays I think we can safely say they'll be pulling in new admirers from all over the place.

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