Friday 18 January 2013

Super Water Sympathy - Uh Oh

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Portland, Oregon seems like a great place to be if you're a fan of alternative music at the moment. As we've said before, it's possibly only Brooklyn and the surrounding areas that have a higher ace bands per head of population ratio in the US. Based in the city is the label In Music We Trust, but one of their most recent signings are from a bit further afield. Super Water Sympathy are from way down in Louisiana and have been making hugely ambitious sounding alt-pop music together for two years, but it's next month that sees the release of spectacularly grand indie/pop track 'Uh Oh'.

Taken from their second album 'Hydrogen Child' which will follow in April, 'Uh Oh' feels loaded with piano and guitar but it's the vocals that dominate thanks to the power contained in that voice. Some towering harmonies in the chorus help elevate things even more. There's no smoke and mirrors, no obvious production techniques that bands use as shortcuts to making their music sound more pumped. This song is steroid-free, it's just naturally big strong and catchy as hell. This band could be huge.

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