Sunday 27 January 2013

Whale Fire - Dream Of Me/The Fabric

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We previously discussed the use of whale blubber as a source of fuel, concluding that it would burn quite well back when we reviewed US band Whale Fire's previous track 'Wild Eyed Mistake'. While this use may still be common in some arctic cultures, being all green and that we'll discuss it no more and certainly not advise testing its flammability out. Besides, we've got a brace of new songs from the Arkansas band to get listening to instead. A far more environmental and generally more pleasurable experience. This latest 7" single goes some way further to cementing their status among America's fine alternative rock scene.

'Dream Of Me' is a touch like The Kings Of Leon before they decided to be self-important stadium-rock ponces. It's gritty and romantic at the same time, a difficult combination to get right and a good example of how to do it. Maybe we're just awkward, but once again we're finding the B-side the biggest draw here. 'The Fabric' begins with distant reverberating guitars that are joined by a lead further forward in the mix. The melody is stronger too, with an anthemic quality. If it had been us we'd have been pushing this track with the thinking that it would bring wider coverage and a more immediate hit. But we've never sold a record (one made by us at least) in our lives, so what do we know.

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