Friday 18 January 2013

The Title Sequence - Payday

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It appears that where music is concerned there will always be a fascination with the kitsch or the retro, and not just in revivalist bands, in fact not just in the music at all. There are probably more new releases on cassette at the moment that at any time in the past decade, but I wonder how many people have the technology to play them? Promo videos too have long used clips from antiquated animation or vintage black and white movies. For their new single 'Payday', The Title Sequence have not only incorporated some retro imagery into the video, they've gone one better and shot it on super 8 film. The result is below and it works just great.

If we cut to the song we also find echoes of the past, minus the kitsch. 'Payday' is a bit like The Strokes if they were less wasted and more cheery, it's classic, high energy guitar-pop. You can trace the sound, like that of The Strokes, back to punk and beyond with the chord sequences and style but it's not all a trip to the past. 'Payday', although incorporating these elements, owes as much of a debt to more recent indiepop bands. You can hear Belle & Sebastian, you can hear the surge in guitar bands that began the last decade and you can even hear the crossover electro-pop of bands like MGMT or Foster The People creeping in there. It's a great big patchwork, but it's a good one.

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