Tuesday 29 January 2013

Wampire - The Hearse

Single review by kev@thesoundofconfusion.co.uk

Are Wampire cynically trying to cash-in on the universal obsession that the world's teenagers have with vampires by having a name that's almost the same, or did they just hear a young child try to say "vampire" in a cute way and decide on that like a big couple of softies? Whichever (and to be honest, probably neither), they're part of the amazing alternative music scene in Portland, Oregon, which is as good a place to be as any right now. Providing you're any good of course, there's a lot of talent jostling for space there. Whether they can barge their way through we'll know for sure come May when they release their debut album 'Curiosity'.

For now though, they're getting set to put out 'The Hearse' as a 7" single on March 5th. Much of the recording process for this and the rest of the album came from fragments that the duo put together in the studio from last summer, twisting and welding them into fully-fledged songs, with some material being made up on the spot. It's a method that's paid dividends here at least, 'The Hearse' does sound like a few ideas put together to form a whole song, and one that resonates with a new-wave groove and DIY sound before breaking down into a slowed, psychedelic mid-section and spooky build back up to the retro beats that began the song. Hold the hearse for now, there are plenty of signs of life here.

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