Monday, 7 January 2013

FFNORDZZ - Acid At The Beach/Surfer Of The Apocalypse

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Is judging a band by their song titles akin to judging a book by its cover? Is it something you should never do? In most cases it probably is. That plain cover of "The White Album" was a pure disguise of the psychedelic and mad-as-a-box-of-frogs songs that were contained therein, and it's title didn't exactly inspire the height of 60s sound experimentation/destruction that the album occasionally touched upon. This cassette release merges the work of two bands, firstly two tracks from Devon mentalists FFNORDZZ who have a warped take on warped pop and cover the first half of this download/cassette, with the second being taken care of by Pagan Moon.

Those song titles then: 'Acid At The Beach' and Surfer Of The Apocalypse'. Both would suggest lo-fi, psych, surf, garage with scant regard for for being note perfect all the time, or even some of the time. These are two freakily wonderful twisted songs that sound as though they're from a buggered-up parallel universe. 'Surfer Of The Apocalypse' is like The Red Krayola having a nightmare, the only surfing is done through psychopathic mind waves, not those of the ocean. 'Acid At The Beach' is equally messy despite it's more melodic nature and sense of innocence being striped away. A pair of mutant pop songs that only seem to have one foot in reality. N.B. Kids, don't do acid at the beach, it sounds like a recipe for disaster.

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