Sunday, 6 January 2013

Artist To Check Out: Dog In The Snow

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Possibly taking an influence from the Belle & Sebastian song 'Fox In The Snow' for her own name (or possibly not), Brighton singer-songwriter Helen Ganya Brown makes music as Dog In The Snow, ably assisted by Marie-Eve de Gaultier. The project has been in existence for a while but was only brought to our attention after three new videos were uploaded to YouTube in the autumn. All three show that Dog In The Snow take the visuals as seriously as the music; they're all carefully thought out and stand up as fine works even without the musical accompaniment.

We're looking at experimental pop when it comes to the tunes, and very good experimental pop at that. 'Africa' is particularly impressive, the music is layered and intricate, gently swelling with different sound effects and instruments that it's difficult to pinpoint. However it's been done, it definitely captures a lot of emotion. A starker picture is painted on 'Brother', as though something isn't quite right. It feels like a creepy tale and talks of death. Again the music really impresses; it's a complex take on dreampop that might be better labelled as nightmare-pop on occasion, especially with the trippy visuals. 'Concrete Wall' is a little lighter in sound as the vocals gentle wash over the song. Dog In Snow make truly wonderful songs. Wider recognition is a must.

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