Sunday 10 January 2016

You Are Number Six - From The North To The South

Article by KevW

The kind of stark synth-pop made by You Are Number Six is perhaps more commonly associated with the industrial wastelands of the former Eastern Bloc, although it really took off commercially from the end of the 1970s when British bands such as Depeche Mode and even Siouxsie & The Banshees took the electronic sounds and the production style of Kraftwerk and the like and began combining them with rock and punk. What's often missed is that a similar scene developed in France at the same time, and this is surely something that Montpellier musician Théo Lefebvre is well aware of and looking to continue.

New track 'From The North To The South' will be on his forthcoming new EP titled 'Don't You Like My New Lipstick?' (hence the garish artwork) and is modern cold wave that uses the past as a stepping stone to craft a track that feels paradoxically minimal despite its fuller sound. This effect is enhanced by the bleak feeling vocals, although twinkling synths shimmer away in the background resulting in something akin to a darker Soft Cell. There are dramatic, almost cinematic pauses on 'From The North To The South' which add a certain power. Cold winds and jewels being tarnished are spoken of, and the overall aura is one that is icy and barren as well as being oddly fuzzy around the edges. French cold wave is in safe hands.

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