Friday 22 January 2016

Psychic Love - Nancy

Article by KevW

Echo Park's Psychic Love is the project of Laura Peters (with a little help from Erick Jordan) and will be releasing their debut album early this year, after unveiling its first track 'The Weekend' last year. 'Nancy' will also be on the LP, and is brought to us with a mysteriously weird and wonderful video that's very fitting for the music that Psychic Love create. There's a bit of a magical quality to both visuals and sound, and each could also be described as being a little enigmatic overall.

Spooky but oddly warming keys and stuttering beats pave the way for a vocal that could be described as seductive but has enough power when needed. As the track opens up for the chorus it becomes a touch more glorious, with some electronics that could be taken from Grandaddy's awesome 'The Sophtware Slump' album. As 'Nancy' goes on, more of a rock edge is brought in with some crisp guitar and an intensifying of the sounds that are already in place. This is excellently produced and manages to be dramatic without being overly theatrical. It's definitely enough to pique the interest for the full-length.

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