Sunday 10 January 2016

Daddy - You Are Mine

Article by KevW

Hollywood stars dabbling in music doesn't always yield great results, but James Franco has well and truly bucked that trend by hooking up with Tim O'Keefe to form Daddy. The latest project for the pair is a concept album and film titled 'Let Me Get What I Want' which is due in the spring and will be based on three characters "as they weave through the dark ways of high school: love, death, and dreams." So it certainly sounds interesting, but interesting concepts and great tunes don't always go hand in hand. With O'Keefe putting Franco's words to music and the pair sharing vocal duties, in this instance the end product is shaping up to be incredibly good though.

First single 'You Are Mine' also features Andy Rourke from The Smiths on bass and delves into krautrock and post punk for inspiration. There's a definite hint of 'Blue Monday' to be found here, and an unrelenting motorik beat that brings a slightly industrial feel that's aided by the low-key vocals. Electronic and organic sounds mix together in a modern way despite the influences of experimental '70s and '80s sounds, and a potent atmosphere is built that can become quite hypnotic. 'You Are Mine' grows with each listen too, and that's often a mark of quality. It'll be interesting to see how the visual side of 'Let Me Get What I Want' works, but this track is more than enough to whet the appetite.

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