Sunday 17 January 2016

Jacob Faurholt - Super Glue

Article by Yvonne McDonnell

Jacob Faurholt eases you into this album with ethereal creations, and sketches images in the listener's mind with lyrics such as "I see your body floating above me in space", creating an otherworldly feeling. The waltzy three beats and soft electric guitar turns tracks such as 'Pictures of You', 'Guided By Voices' and 'Stars' into beautiful melodic lullabies. A shaky vocal echoing soft vulnerability offers the sentiment needed for one to truly resonate with the music. Faurholt I think executes this with natural virtuoso.

Familiar elements are repeated throughout, however the diverse use of  scratchy synth and unusual harmonies succeeds in making each track unique. Arrangements in 'Holy Mother' create a darkness that provides a nice contrast to the prettier songs mentioned already. The tempo also varies throughout the record.

An almost epic sensation is created in faster tracks like 'Super Glue', and depth is added by, again, relying purely on different instrumental and harmonic settings not dissimilar to early Arcade Fire. This is an influence I hear echoed throughout. This is particularly effective at the end of  'The Last Goodbye,' giving the album a resplendent finish. A very enjoyable listen, I would recommend in a second.

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