Thursday 21 January 2016

Jimi Charles Moody - House Of Moody

Article by KevW

If you've had a big Jim Jones Revue shaped hole in your life since the power-garage group called it a day a couple of years ago, then you could do worse than give this new single from Jimi Charles Moody a spin. Harvey Sylvester might be better known as one half of chart stars Rizzle Kicks, but this new venture is quite different. There appears to have been a nod to a certain other Jimi in the choosing of his alias, as last year's debut EP 'Islington' contains blues guitar and a vocal style that recalls Mr Hendrix, but 'House Of Moody' is even punchier.

Here he takes the sounds of classic garage and rock 'n' roll, with a rumbling beat, Jerry Lee Lewis piano and a powerful, soulful vocal and roughs it all up in a similar way to the aforementioned Jim Jones Revue. This is raw, smoky and quite thunderous at times, with some great musicianship used to create a pretty unstoppable track that's best served at a high volume, and preferably at night. This kind of reinvention might not have been expected, but it feels totally genuine and is easily on a par with other groups who are successfully making similar noises. In a word: potent.

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