Wednesday 13 January 2016

Jargon Party - Interrobang

Article by KevW

Although this first EP from Jargon Party isn't officially released until January 25th when they have the launch show, you can pop over to their Bandcamp page and grab a download now. The quartet (who began life as a solo venture with an album released in 2013) from Portland, Maine wrote, recorded and produced these four songs themselves, and to be honest it's difficult to see what a separate producer could have done to improve on what they have: this isn't your average self-produced, lo-fi sounding guitar-pop. The crisp and fresh previous single 'Surf Rock Anthem Number 7' is included and provides a tasty garage clatter to end with, and the three new tracks are a match for it.

'Do You' is similar in style to what we heard a few months ago, taking sunny '60s surf music and swirling it through the feral waters of punk rock with plenty of melody to make it sparkle, but they do diversify a little. There's a heavy '60s influence to 'Alright' as well, butt it's a bit harder edged and takes in some of the raw power of The Stooges, although it again deals in classic pop melodies to augment the crunchy riff. On 'Halsetwood' there's more of a departure, as Jargon Party tap into blues a touch more as well as coming over like a slacker Bob Dylan for the verses. The chorus is typically catchy though, and while it may not be as immediate and punchy as the rest of 'Interrobang', it could be argued that it's the best track here. Jargon Party have offered up a good dollop of musical fun.

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