Saturday 2 January 2016

Get Me Free #139: Untitled Fruit Company - Pictograms EP

Article by KevW

It's been a whopping three and a half years since we last heard from bedroom music-maker Untitled Fruit Company with his album 'Erebus and Terror', and that's quite a gap for someone who'd previously spent time in conventional bands before delivering two solo albums in a year. Whatever the reasons for this hiatus, it's good to have him back with the name-your-price download EP 'Pictograms'. These three songs are intricate electronic soundscapes that could sometimes be labelled folktronica, sometimes ambient, and sometimes experimental, but always good with production that's as clear as a bell, something which isn't always the case with a DIY approach.

The quite charming 'Time-Lapse Song' is the twinkling introduction and feels very warming and human for a synthetic track, especially when the beat kicks in later on and a slightly retro vibe becomes apparent. Making "music for video games" was something that Untitled Fruit Company (his friends probably just call him Glenn...) had mentioned before, and it's clearly still in his thoughts as the jittery 'Sutekh Lives' shows, but the results are less novelty than that description might suggest, going on to show a krautrock influence behind the vintage bleeps and bloops. 'Bless Your Proton Heart' is more of a soundscape at just over seven minutes in length, but it's not all airy and boring ambiance though, as it steadily builds as if it were a lab experiment between Brian Eno, Kraftwerk and Jean Michel Jarre. Here's hoping the next year or so is another prolific one for Untitled Fruit Company.

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