Saturday 23 January 2016

Get Me Free #156: Space Shark - Now Is We

Article by KevW

I've come to the conclusion that to be allowed to live in Portland, Oregon, it's imperative that you're in a band. In fact, it's probably illegal not to be. The city has eclipsed pretty much anywhere else in world when it comes to music we've covered in the past few years (Brooklyn and Melbourne are giving it a run for its money though), and it's also home to Space Shark, a quintet who formed in 2012 but have only recently come to our attention. 'Now Is We' is the lead single from their new EP 'Ghosts' which was released earlier this month.

Crafting indie-rock with a dreamy feel and a psychedelic edge, Space Shark definitely incorporate the first word of their name into this track. Big, reverberating guitar chords open things up and are soon joined by a shuffling beat and a half asleep (in a good way) vocal that will conjure up bright and spectacular images. The lyrics even mention floating, sun and sleep, mirroring the music (or is it the other way round?) which means a very complete picture is painted. There's something about 'Now Is We' that seems to soar without the need to become overly spectacular or utilise excessive effects. Perfect for drifting away to on a Saturday morning.

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