Sunday 10 January 2016

Atlas Lab - Wake Up Slow

Article by KevW

Their debut EP might be titled 'Wake Up Slow, but Boston band Atlas Lab will be looking to get the year off to a flying start when they release their first set of songs (barring an EP of live demos from last year) on January 22nd. Each of the trio of demos from 2015 will feature in their now completed form, along with two new songs: 'Steadfast Mind' and 'Wake Up Slow'. Described as a group that makes soulful psychedelic folk, Atlas Lab offer variety in their music as well as individuality, with both male and female lead vocals, electronic and acoustic instrumentation, and a willingness to explore different avenues.

The title-track is a good introduction and fitting of the style they describe. A folky, plucked acoustic intro is joined by vocals that do imbue a little soul and power, and soon their inventive streak intervenes and we begin to hear the psychedelic leanings, as well as a pinch of dreampop. 'Wake Up Slow' is an apt title for a song that gradually adds layers and builds in this way, with more electronic sounds appearing as it goes on, along with more intense drumming. This is a gently stirring tune that has a deftness of touch and an air of mystery, which is a combination that could serve them well.

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