Thursday 21 January 2016

Darla And The Blonde - End Of The Party

Article by KevW

There isn't actually anyone called Darla in Darla And The Blonde, and for that matter, none of them appear to be blonde either. The East London five-piece were formed by principle writer Nina Lovelace who's joined by Jen Damaris on lead vocals, Rob McCabe on lead guitar, Craig Page on bass, and drummer Tom Loffman. They like to offer some drama with their live shows, and this is carried through to their music. Citing references such as PJ Harvey and Nick Drake would suggest a dark and smouldering form of alt-rock, something which new single 'End Of The Party' delivers.

With a desire to blend the "seductive glamour of goth" with pop hooks, prog experimentation and the narrative style of folk, Darla And The Blonde are looking to cover a broad spectrum, but again they succeed to doing just as they say. There is a robustly powerful vocal to 'End Of The Party, and a brooding, mysterious alt-rock quality. While the music may not be overtly commercial, the melody and stomping force of the song prevent it from becoming too niche, and you can see it having a wide appeal. They sound like a very tight unit and the production really brings out the best of the song, so we surely expect to be hearing much more about these guys in the coming months.

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