Thursday 14 January 2016

Get Me Free #147: The Jaggs - Dasha

Article by KevW

Drawing on guitar music that spans several decades (they cite The Rolling Stones, Blur and The Maccabees), London quartet The Jaggs release their first proper single 'Dasha' this month, with a launch party on the 22nd at London venue The Spice Of Life. Three of the band met at secondary school, completing their line-up with bassist Joe in 2013. Since then they've honed their sound through gigging as much as possible and sound like a tight outfit. Tracks like 'When You're Wandering Home' have a garage sensibility that does show the hybrid of influences mentioned, but 'Dasha' shows they have more than one trick up their sleeve.

This bouncy guitar tune comes with a funk element that's not far removed from what the likes of The Rapture were doing a few years back, and you can envisage this becoming an indie disco hit. What's more, with some neat hooks and a crossover appeal, it also lends itself to radio play and gives them more than a chance of making headway into the mainstream but without having to engineer their sound too much. With only a handful of songs online, it's difficult to know exactly what to expect from them long-term (so heading to a gig would paint a better picture), but it seem The Jaggs easily blend this kind of guitar-pop with grittier numbers without feeling forced of disjointed, and that's a skill that could stand them in good stead.

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