Saturday 2 January 2016

Golden Daze - Salt

Article by KevW

Yet another to add to our list of anticipated albums. Golden Daze are a psychedelic duo based in Los Angeles but are originally from the Midwest. Southern California seems to be a better climate for this kind of sun-drenched pop (despite the dusky artwork) which is inspired by the melodic sounds of the '60s, as well as more modern forms of psych and alternative rock, and you can also detect a dreampop influence, something which definitely comes across on this cut from their self-titled debut which is set for release on February 19th.

Using the jangly guitar sound made famous by The Byrds, 'Salt' wastes no time in adding heaps of reverb and a vocal that's given a slight echo that makes it seem distant. This is like an Americana song that's been rolled in a pool of glitter and coated with effects to give it a trippy, space-rock vibe and extra sparkle, which in many ways mirrors the album cover of a strangely coloured desert scene with stars twinkling over the horizon. Both dreampop and psychedelia are enjoying a huge wave of popularity, and when the two combine like this it's easy to see why.

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