Monday 25 January 2016

Demolition Means Progress - Put It All Behind Me

Article by KevW

The second album from Minnesota's Demolition Means Progress is due at the start of February,and looks set to see them taking the vintage sounds of '80s and '90s US indie bands and carrying the torch for a new generation. Previous single 'Stars' brought to mind Camper Van Beethoven and early REM, along with some of the crunchier groups that came about a few years later, and new single 'Put It All Behind Me' does similar but is perhaps even more effective.

There's a scuzzy jangle that borrows from C86 and the UK scene, but vocally this is more in line with someone like They Might Be Giants and is generally pretty jaunty and sharp. There's an energetic shuffle and a sharpness that prevents the song from sounding dated though, so while it may borrow from the past it's by no means musty or stale. 'Lovesongs For Saboteurs' is shaping up to be a nice collection of songs for those who like classic guitar-pop.

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