Wednesday 6 January 2016

Get Me Free #141: Bridge Underwater - I Don't Know

Article by KevW

By the looks of things, Philadelphia's Bridge Underwater have been around for several years, with their Bandcamp page listing their earliest release as August 2009, and on the strength of their new EP, it's a shame we didn't get wind of them earlier. None of their social media profiles give us an awful amount of information, but they do state that they're fans of The Beatles, Neutral Milk Hotel, and emo/pop-punk types Saves The Day. It could be argued that all three of those bands influence Bridge Underwater's sound in one way or another.

New EP 'Still Run' uses classic song structures and tunefulness of the kind that The Beatles relied on for many of their singles, with a punky and melodic side that's not uncommon with Saves The Day (say what you like, 'At Your Funeral' is a great pop song), but all combined with an alternative streak that's like a less folky Neutral Milk Hotel. The result of this fusion somehow makes for a catchy and upbeat shoegaze sound that's exemplified on free track 'I Don't Know'. This is a real earworm that's fuzzy around the edges and takes alt-rock to an accessible place without sounding over commercial in any way, which is a fine balance to get right. Definitely one for the repeat button.

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