Sunday 31 January 2016

HAWK - Once Told

Article by KevW

Although based in London, Julie Hawk is originally from Ireland, and the purpose of this new single is "to raise awareness about the archaic mindset" of her home country's abortion laws and issues around pregnancy. It's a weighty and controversial subject to tackle, but in a world of throwaway pop that's largely devoid of meaning, you have to applaud HAWK for speaking up for what they believe in. In the wrong hands, such an issue would be too heavy for their music to withstand, but not so here.

'Once Told' lays on the atmosphere from the outset, and even if you had no grasp of the English language you'd detect the passion and emotion. It's safe to say that HAWK aren't short of vocal ability, and with a big (yet lacking in pomposity) guitar riff and some crashing drums, the rest of the band follow suit. As well as whipping up a thunderous storm, there's an intricate side to the arrangement that adds even more depth. 'Once Told' is a very potent track from a group who have a great grasp of alt-rock dynamics.

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