Tuesday 12 January 2016

Get Me Free #145: Cotton Mather - The Book Of Too Late Changes

Article by KevW

To be quite honest, I wasn't even sure if Cotton Mather were still a going concern, and sure enough, it turns out they haven't released any all-new music for over a decade. That though, is all about to change. Main man Robert Harrison states that he's "always been spiritually curious", and also that he studied I Ching (the ancient book of Chinese wisdom) at college, and has returned to it in recent years. After toying with the idea of writing a song about each of its "hexagrams" for a while, he finally decided to go ahead with the project. Oh, and if you didn't know, there are 64 hexagrams - that's a lot of music.

Does this mean Cotton Mather's music is about to go all Eastern and exotic, much like that of a man that shares his surname, George Harrison? The answer is probably not. Apparently, 1997's 'Kontiki' was influenced by Chinese philosophy, so it's not totally new territory for the band. Also, this project isn't going to be dumped on us all at once as some kind of mammoth multi-album package that would perhaps be patchy if the songs were written too quickly. This idea will span several albums and singles, and so far 18 songs have been written. The first song of the set is available now and is titled 'The Book Of Too Late Changes'. Fittingly, it's about re-surfacing, and, pleasingly, it's a splendid piece of powerpop that sounds invigorated and crisp. Cotton Mather fans are in for a veritable banquet of music, and the first course is pretty tasty.

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