Sunday 24 January 2016

Matt Kivel - Violets

Article by KevW

To record his third album 'Janus' which is due on February 5th, Los Angeles-based songwriter Matt Kivel returned to his hometown of Glasgow to work with producer Alasdair Roberts and an accompanying cast of local musicians who helped to augment the songs that Kivel brought with him. With around a dozen contributors, the record is shaping up to be Kivel's best work to date if its three singles so far are anything to go by. The record is described as being difficult to make despite the relatively laid-back approach, and contains what are lyrically some of his darkest songs yet.

You can hear that aspect in the vocals, which sound slightly pained and emotive, but musically 'Violets' is a song that sparkles. With Americana and alt-folk as a foundation, this is a track that's built on tradition but arranged and produced in such a manner that it contains contemporary sounds and the layered textures that some of the world's most revered alt-rock bands have become known for. Along with the vocal, it's the winding guitar line that's the main focal point, adding a lightness that balances any darkness found in the lyrics. An impressive piece for sure, and a great advertisement for the full-length.

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