Friday 29 January 2016

Get Me Free #160: Inspired & The Sleep - Die Slow

Article by KevW

I'm sure there's an awful lot of skill and time put into these Pixar-style computer-generated animation films (I wouldn't know where to start), but it always amazes me how much time and effort goes into making a stop-motion video) I would know where to start, but I'd never have the patience). The visuals for Inspired & The Sleep's track 'Die Slow' were a year in the making and feature over 3,700 frames, and there was no post video work. You have to take your hat off to director Robert Crispe who began the project in London and finished it in his native Australia.

Taken from their recent EP 'Eyelid Kid', which is a name-your-price download from Bandcamp, the song is a modern hybrid of alternative pop and indie, and feels surprisingly sunny for a track called 'Die Slow'. A playful flute brings in some melody and the San Diego duo add a similarly carefree vocal that feels particularly easy-going, especially as they casually knock out a catchy pop chorus. It's a fine listen without its accompanying video (we wouldn't be featuring it otherwise), but the pair combined show what great artistry there is to be found if you look in the right places.

Download 'Eyelid Kid' for free by heading here

Inspired & The Sleep's website

The Sound Of Confusion on Twitter and Facebook

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