Sunday 10 January 2016

Tim Crossey and his Adult Contemporaries - Super Agonistes

Article by Yvonne McDonnell

This album offers everything a country blues fan needs. There is a very prominent old style country feel, which creates a backdrop of authenticity, particularly in the songs 'Tired of Walking the Line' and 'Most of the Time'. But the band offer an edge with the electric guitar and whiny but fitting vocals.

I don't feel the song combination is particularly varied, but there is a mixture of softer songs. These tracks, particularly the rather heartfelt 'Irene', contain enough emotion to enrich a hazy reserve of instrumental arrangement.

The album is not entirely limited to this genre, and possibly has the potential to please a wider audience. Indie/rock influence is echoed throughout, despite managing to stay true to its traditional foundation. This combination of old and new, traditional yet contemporary makes it an appealing record.

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